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Civil law is a field of private law which contains all the rules governing private individuals as well as non-trading legal entities.. It can also be applied in the relationship between individuals and companies.

The civil law defines in particular:

  • the law of persons and the family (civil status, provisions relating to marriage or divorce, human rights, and capacity)
  • property law (the conditions under which one can become the owner of real estate or movable property, the effects of the right of ownership, usufruct and bare ownership, as well as the distinction between movable and real property)
  • the conditions under which an estate is opened and then liquidated
  • the law of obligations, which sets out the conditions under which an individual’s civil liability may be incurred, as well as the conditions for the validity of civil contracts and their effects

Civil Lawyer in Geneva

Thus, if you are involved in a civil law dispute, a civil law attorney will be able to defend your interests before the appropriate court. C’est le cas si vous êtes victime d’un propriétaire qui ne respecte pas ses obligations contractuelles ou si vous avez subi un préjudice par la faute d’un tiers.

However, a civil lawyer can help you settle your dispute out of court and avoid a long and costly procedure. In particular, it can make your opponent understand that it is in his interest to be conciliatory, otherwise he risks being ordered to pay you damages in the event of abusive resistance.

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