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Corporate law (also known as commercial law) is a branch of law that contains all the rules applicable to the activity of traders and companies. In particular, it defines the operation of the commercial registers where natural or legal persons carrying out a commercial activity are registered. On the other hand, corporate law sets the rules that apply to the following areas:

  • commercial contracts concluded between two or more companies
  • the scope of the commitments of the partners of a commercial partnership
  • keeping the accounts of a company
  • shareholder information
  • the powers conferred on corporate officers and boards of directors
  • the conduct of general meetings of partners
  • the penalties applicable in the event of offences punishable under criminal business law (in particular, abuse of corporate assets, unfair competition, dissemination of misleading information, misleading advertising, fraudulent bankruptcy, computer hacking or insider trading)
  • procedures applicable in the event of bankruptcy

Corporate Lawyer in Geneva

A corporate lawyer can therefore intervene in two series of areas:

  • the drafting of a company’s articles of association, a commercial contract or a deed of purchase (the intervention of a corporate lawyer is recommended if you wish to purchase a company, as he will ensure that the deed of purchase protects your interests)
  • commercial litigation of any nature, whether it is a dispute between the partner of a company and its directors, a dispute arising from a commercial contract, unfair competition, counterfeiting of a trademark or registered design, computer fraud, deception committed by a company with respect to its shareholders or customers, or any other dispute under commercial law

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