Lawyer for your divorce in Geneva

Divorce lawyer in Geneva

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Although they are closely related, divorce and separation are in fact two different concepts in legal terms. Divorce and separation share the same causes (treated in the same branch of law), but do not lead to the same consequences.

So close, so far
Every contract has a term. Marriage being a contract, divorce is one of its possible terms. Long ignored by legislators, divorce has become a common phenomenon in modern societies. It is nevertheless a difficult ordeal on the sentimental level but also financially. There are two families of divorce: contentious divorce and non-contentious divorce (mutual consent). In all cases, the divorce returns the spouses to their pre-marital les époux à leur situation d’avant mariage.

Divorce lawyer in Geneva

The procedure to follow

Divorce and separation may be widespread today, but the process is still time consuming and expensive in most countries. The spouses inform a judge of their decision to separate or divorce. Each of them can have recourse to a lawyer specialized in divorce and separation law to defend their interests; they can also, in certain cases, consult the same lawyer. It is up to each spouse to choose their lawyer. The role of the lawyer specialized in divorce and separation law is to advise and represent the spouse.

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