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Real estatelaw includes all the legal and regulatory provisions concerning the construction and occupation of buildings. With respect to individuals, real estate law defines the conditions under which the dwellings they occupy or own may be built, occupied, maintained or offered for rent.

Thus, when an individual wishes to build a house, the conditions under which his building permit may be issued are set by the cantonal and federal laws which contain provisions applicable to real estate law. In addition, real estate law defines the obligations of the architect and builder you will use.

Real estate lawyer in Geneva

If you buy an apartment offered by a developer, real estate law defines the guarantees that he must present to you. The legal provisions to which the co-ownership of which you are going to be a part will be subject are also provided for in real estate law.

Finally, if you rent an apartment or if you wish to buy one to offer it for rent, the relationship between the lessor and the tenant is also governed by real estate law.

Consequently, if you are confronted with an indelicate tenant, a real estate lawyer will be fully qualified to defend your interests before the court that you will have to seize. The real estate lawyer can also intervene if you are the victim of a dishonest developer or if you buy a property with defects that the seller intentionally concealed in order to deceive you. The same is true if the builder to whom you have entrusted the construction of your home does not respect his contractual or legal obligations.

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