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Insurance law includes a set of legal texts and jurisprudence relating to relations between insurers and between insureds and insurers. Insurance is usually written in the form of a contract, and insurance law therefore defines the rights, duties and obligations of each party to the contract. The insurance law specifies in particular that the insurer has the obligation to pay compensation in the event of an insured loss, in exchange for a premium paid by the insured, and whose amount must be defined in the contract.

In the event of a dispute, insurance law will therefore make it possible to define the wrongs of one and/or the other of the parties, in order to apply a court decision, such as, for example, a dispute over the compensation of a loss, or the distribution of responsibilities between the various people involved in a loss, among others.

Insurance Lawyer in Geneva

The insurance lawyer will then be able to defend an insured or an insurer, in case of litigation, on the basis of the legal texts and various jurisprudences, contained in the insurance law. He will be able to defend an insured who, for various reasons, could be refused compensation following a claim. But the insurance lawyer can also defend an insurer who feels that he has suffered a loss by compensating an insured who has been dishonest, for example.

Insurance law concerns all possible types of insurance contracts, from automobile insurance, to health insurance for animals, health insurance, housing, legal protection, and many other types of insurance contracts. It also covers civil liability contracts, non-mandatory contracts, mandatory contracts, etc.
Insurance law therefore makes it possible to resolve possible disputes arising from insurance contracts of all kinds.

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