Fees of a lawyer in Geneva

How are the fees of a lawyer calculated?

The fees of a lawyer are fixed in agreement with his client

The lawyer will never charge for his services unless the related fees have already been established in an agreement. The calculation takes into account the potential difficulty of the case, the time required to settle the dispute, the reputation of the firm and the lawyer, as well as the latter’s specialization. Since the hourly rate can vary from one lawyer to another, the fees can be different depending on the professional contacted.

Calculation of the flat fee

The lawyer may charge a fixed fee if the total volume of services and the duration of the proceedings are known in advance. This option is advantageous for the client if he wants to know the cost of the services of the lawyer in question before calling upon his services. In this case, a fee agreement is drawn up between the two parties to conclude the terms of the agreement, and the additional costs to be paid by the client are limited to the service of documents by bailiff, the cost of photocopying, and the cost of stamps.

A lawyer’s fees are calculated according to the results

According to the law in force, it is the right of the lawyer to ask for additional fees according to the service rendered. Generally speaking, the result fee is already stipulated in the initial fee agreement. The latter includes the lump-sum remuneration and the result-based remuneration, calculated as a percentage, depending on the convictions obtained during the trial. Usually, the amount in question is 10% of the amount earned by the customer.

Fees charged according to time spent

This billing option is adopted by the lawyer when it is impossible to estimate the amount of time required to resolve the dispute in question. Indeed, depending on the information available at the time the file is initiated, it may evolve quickly or take months to settle. It is therefore the only way for the lawyer to be remunerated as closely as possible to his services.

The subscription systemv

The subscription system is intended for companies that regularly use the services of a lawyer for routine interventions. A subscription contract is then established by the lawyer in question to intervene during a predetermined period. Generally speaking, the fees of a lawyer in the framework of a subscription are adopted in the field of tax law. For this purpose, its services can be limited to the drafting and filing of tax returns for the past year.

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