The availability of your lawyer

How much availability do I expect from my lawyer?

Lawyers each have their own way of working in the follow-up of a case, whatever its nature. They do not provide the same availability to their clients, nor do their clients have the same need for their lawyer’s availability to resolve a particular dispute.

Be realistic in the requirement of availability of the lawyer

It is true that a lawyer who does not provide any information regarding the progress of a case can put the client in a state of uncertainty. However, this client should be aware that the professional in question operates on a personal and professional schedule. If he is sometimes unavailable, it is probably because he does not yet have important news to announce. A phone call from time to time, without exaggeration, could therefore be useful, but let it not become a source of harassment for the lawyer. Contacting him all the time would only make him angry and could even affect the smooth running of the relationship between the two parties.

Do not be too demanding to avoid a significant increase in legal fees.

It is important to know that all the services of a lawyer are billed at the end of the contract but sometimes an advance is requested. Even if you want a lawyer who is available to you at all times, keep in mind that this will inflate their fees. If it is not an urgent concern, there is no need to contact him every time. His availability is necessary, but you must also trust him and let him keep you informed at each important stage of the file. If the lawyer sends you an email or just contacts you by phone, it is because he or she feels that a face-to-face discussion is not yet necessary and that it will have no major impact on the progress of the case.

It is up to you to choose your lawyer.

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