How to make sure a lawyer is qualified

The intervention of a good lawyer is always essential for the resolution of a dispute. However, there are many questions that can be asked regarding the criteria to be considered in determining the abilities of this professional.

The academic degree, a first proof of competence

The first thing to know about a lawyer’s qualifications is his or her level of education. Generally speaking, when the lawyer in question works in a very well-known firm, or when he already has a certain reputation, he makes all this information available to his potential clients on the Internet. The latter can therefore find out more before contacting him.

Professional experience, essential for the settlement of a case

Sometimes academic degrees are not enough to resolve a case in court. Only the intervention of an experienced lawyer will allow the dispute to be settled. Although many freshly minted lawyers are highly skilled, those who are older in the profession are always more reliable, as they have already contributed to the outcome of many contentious cases. Moreover, they know most of their collaborators that it is easier for them to intervene if they happen to be defending the other party.

The ability to listen, not to be neglected when choosing a lawyer in Geneva

A lawyer’s skills are not limited to his or her level of education or experience. Indeed, being able to listen to your clients is also a key element in determining whether or not the professional in question is talented. A good lawyer usually takes into account the needs of his interlocutors, makes a thorough analysis, and makes proposals for the rapid resolution of the case. A lawyer who does not take the trouble to hear what his clients have to say cannot be a good one.

Fees, a determining factor in assessing a lawyer’s competence

While this may seem eccentric, it turns out that the fees of a competent lawyer are never discounted. Using all his personal skills and professional experience for the benefit of his clients, it is therefore not uncommon for his fees to be much higher than those of a lawyer of average competence.

Availability, an important element justifying the skills of a lawyer

A lawyer who does not remain available for his clients may not be a good one. Whether it is through direct contact, or through simple remote communication, a competent lawyer must be able to provide information regarding the progress of the case on a regular basis. If you don’t hear from him, there is a gap somewhere. either he is not able to follow the file or it is not a priority for him. It is therefore up to the customers to turn to another more accessible one if this case arises.

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