Can I change my lawyer?

How to change your lawyer in Geneva

The assistance of a lawyer is essential for a better defense of your rights in case of conflict. When the one you have contacted does not satisfy you or for any other reason, you can engage the services of another. This is an option given to you by law and the lawyer you wish to change cannot oppose your decision.

Ideally, you should inform your lawyer of your wish to change lawyers in Geneva. To formalize the change of lawyer you can do it by e-mail, simple letter or registered letter with notice of receipt. In the said letter, you must indicate to your lawyer that you intend to recover your file. He cannot object to this restitution even if you have not paid his fees. In addition, it is important to note that you do not have to justify yourself. However, in order to complete your letter, you can detail the grievances against your lawyer that are the basis of your decision to terminate his mission.
In the event of a change in the lawyer you have retained to assist or represent you, it is a good idea to pay all fees due. If this is not the case, the latter has no right to retain your file.

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